Other Side

Table of Contents

1. Other Side

1.1. Universe

1.1.1. One line

The urban legends world with an open future which displays our fears, hopes, and fantasies in all their variety.

1.1.2. Properties

  • Our time.
  • Collective subconscious breaks into reality.
  • Science & Paranormal change people.
  • Civilization at a crossroads.
  • Slightly Hyperbolic: hate is deeper, friendship is stronger, hopes are brighter.

1.2. Setting

1.2.1. Meta

Urban Legends with low-grade superheroes.

1.2.2. Time

Our time.

1.2.3. References

  1. Primary
    1. X-Files   video_series

      Without aliens.

    2. Marvel's Netflix television series   video_series comics
    3. Gotham TV series   video_series
    4. American Gods   book video_series
    5. Happy!   video_series comics
    6. Fringe   video_series
    7. Misfits   video_series
    8. S.H.I.E.L.D.    video_series comics

      But low-grade heroes.

    9. Control    game
    10. Otherside Picnic    manga animation_series
    11. [RESEARCH] Stranger Things   video_series
    12. [RESEARCH] Ghost in the Shell    animation_series movie manga
    13. [RESEARCH] Deus Ex   video_game
    14. [RESEARCH] Alan Wake   video_game
    15. [RESEARCH] Unbreakable    movie
    16. [RESEARCH] A Master of Djinn   book
  2. Secondary
    1. SCP Foundation   game
    2. The Craft    movie
    3. Mieruko Chan    manga animation_series
    4. Doom Patrol    video_series comics
    5. Wellington Paranormal   video_series
    6. Warhouse 13   video_series video_series
    7. John Constantine   movie comics
    8. Mononoke don't confuse with "Princess Mononoke"   animation_series
    9. Lockwood & Co.   video_series
    10. Blade    movie comics
    11. Watchmen   movie
    12. Torchwood   video_series
    13. First Wave   video_series
    14. The Blacklist    video_series
    15. Sin City   movie
    16. Made in Abyss   animation_series manga video_game movie
    17. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children    movie
    18. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency    video_series
    19. X-Men   comics movie video_series animated_series
    20. Night_Watch   book movies
    21. Roadside Picnic   book
    22. Metro 2033-x    video_game book
    23. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.    video_game
    24. Utopia    video_series
    25. [RESEARCH] Carnival Row    video_series
    26. [RESEARCH] Spriggan   animation_series managa movie video_game
    27. [RESEARCH] Heroes   video_series
    28. [RESEARCH] The Lost Room    video_series
    29. [RESEARCH] Gateway    book
    30. [RESEARCH] The Boys    video_series
    31. [RESEARCH] John Wick    movie
    32. [RESEARCH] The Dresden Files    video_series book
    33. [RESEARCH] Kolchak: The Night Stalker   video_series

      Tremendous influence on X-Files.

    34. [RESEARCH] Twin Peaks   video_series
    35. [RESEARCH] Hellraiser   movie comics
  3. Other references on a separate page.

1.2.4. Heroes

  1. Primary
    1. Investigator (journalist, detective, special agent, advocate, lawyer)
    2. Low-grade hero/villain (mutants, psychic)

      Daredevil, Harley Quinn, Punisher, Shadow Moon (American Gods)

    3. Adventurer/freelancer

      The Lone Gunmen (X-Files), Iron Fist, Selina Kyle, Sorawo Kamikoshi (Otherside Picnic)

    4. Mentor/experienced leader
    5. Puppeteer

      Smoking Man, Riddler, Raymond Reddington, Mr. Wednesday (American Gods), Ra's al Ghul, Purple Man

    6. Scientist/engineer/mechanic specialized in paranormal
    7. Folclore creature (vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost)

      Mad Sweeney (leprecon), Happy (imagenery friend), Solomon Grundy (zombie)

  2. Secondary
    1. Corrupted worker (politician, policeman, judge, priest)
    2. Mindless mutant
    3. Con artist
    4. Illegal trader (artifacts, information, weapons, drugs)
    5. Gray-moral entrepreneur (Tony Stark, Raymond Reddington, Saul Goodman)
    6. Hacker
    7. Representative of power (boss at work, agent of government/secret organization/corporation)
    8. Doctor/paramedic
    9. Person with two lives / alter ego
    10. Permanently injured person (mentally or physically): PTSD, amnesia.
    11. Familiar/pet from the other side
    12. Double agent
    13. Weirdness magnet
    14. Cyborg/AI
    15. Dangerous prisoner
    16. Incidental companion
    17. Priest/exorcist/cultist
    18. Reformed villain
    19. Spirit of the place (city, building, bridge, forest, etc.)

1.2.5. Stories

  1. Primary
    1. Dangerous and dirty job to be done
    2. Investigation of the anomaly incident(s)
    3. Expedition to the unknown / treasure hunting
    4. Vigilantes vs criminals
    5. Find and neutralize
    6. Conspiracy vs publicity
    7. Con
    8. City bands/cults fighting for control over the city
    9. Adapting to paranormal / taming new powers
  2. Secondary
    1. Rescue mission
    2. Damsel in distress
    3. Path to success/riches (by any means)
    4. Changing of person's moral / corruption
    5. Tensions between countries because of powerful artifacts
    6. Fairy tale/meme becoming real
    7. Quest for unlimited powers
    8. Industrial espionage
    9. Long tail of the past

      Consequences of the past actions/mistakes.

    10. Fall of the state institutions
    11. The good of a society vs the good of an individual
    12. Segregation

1.2.6. Signs

  1. Locations
    1. Concrete jungles
    2. Business/editorial/detective office
    3. Parallel dimension
    4. Secret hideout
    5. Laboratory/workshop/warehouse (legal/illegal/secret/abadoned/gigantic)
    6. Hospital/psychiatric hospital
    7. Safehouse/"neutral" territory
    8. Library
  2. Artifacts
    1. Special military/force equipment
    2. Investigator's equipment

      Mood board, white board, clothes, notebook, pen, badge.

    3. Ordinary thing that is an artifact
    4. Homemade equipment from artifacts
    5. Map of the other side
    6. Hi-tech implants
    7. Superpower drugs
    8. Legendary artifact: Holy Grail, Pandora's Box, Philosopher's Stone, Excalibur, etc.
    9. Computers with AI based on artifacts
  3. Biological anomalies
    1. Acquired deformities
    2. Small mutations

      Fangs, increased hairiness, changed eye color, horns, tail.

    3. Manifestations of the paranormal

      Ideal beauty/ugliness, wings, hooves, noticeable changes in the skin, breathing fire, ghost body.

    4. Strong allergy on something
    5. Prostheses/body built with artifacts
    6. Genetic heritage of mutations
  4. Psychological anomalies
    1. Popular mental disorders
    2. Hallucinations
    3. Obsessions
    4. Addiction
  5. Other
    1. Gray morality
    2. A Price to pay for a power/wish
    3. Technology based on artifacts
    4. Physical/logical anomalies
    5. Dark market
    6. Secret organizations
    7. Burocracy attributes: papers, outdated equipment, old cars, old buildings
    8. Portals
    9. Secrets: signs, ciphers, codes, passwords, diaries
    10. Access levels
    11. Police cordons
    12. Military operations
    13. Special transport
    14. Life of a "Pirate Ship"

      Days of the FBI, newspaper editorial office, detective agency.

    15. Collective consciousness breakthrough into the real world

1.2.7. Real world anchors

  1. Real places
  2. Folklore creatures
  3. Memes as the modern folklore / manifestation of paranormal
  4. Corruption
  5. Equality
  6. Diversity

1.2.8. Conflicts

  1. Old ways vs new ways

    Civilization on the edge of phase shift because of disruptive changes.

  2. Institutions & organizations fight over control on society.

    Nobody should take total advantage.

  3. Personal-level conflicts

    How almost common people deal with the changes.

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Created: 2024-02-02 Fr 10:46